Wednesday, January 18, 2006

1967 Coupe Restoration - Overview

We bought this car in August and plan on completely restoring it to concours condition. We purchased the car from the original owner, who took very good care of it. The car spent it's life in Texas, purchased in San Antonio, and spent time in Austin and Dallas, which is where we picked it up.

Here is a shot of the front, as you can see the car is in great condition, it just needs a new paintjob:

Here's a shot of the engine, before we cleaned it up a bit. One interesting item in this car is the A/C. The engine portion is a Montgomery Ward aftermarket kit, while the console portion is the correct dash panel, taken from a car in the junkyard. This made getting the correct parts interesting, but by no means difficult:

Another shot of the engine from the side (it is a straight 6 if that wasn't already obvious), right before we replaced the shocks with stiffer KYB brand. We also cleaned up the air filter a bit and replaced the oil cap with a shiny chrome one:

Here is a view of the front from the other side. The paint on the front held very well, but the back is pretty much falling off. We are going to strip all the paint off, down to metal, get rid of the rust, and then apply a quality paintjob in the original color:


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